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Chinese manufacturer micro travel push button switches 12mm momentary normally open

Ultra-thin shell, body thickness is only 13.5mm

IP67 waterproof level

SPDT momentary pushbutton

5mm ultra-short pressing stroke

Product Overview:

Introducing our Micro Travel push button switches, designed for compact applications where space is limited. With a mounting hole of 12mm and a rating of 50mA/12V, these switches are perfect for small electronic devices and equipment.

High-Quality Construction

Our Micro Travel push button switches are built to last, with a durable stainless steel shell material that ensures longevity and reliability in various environments. The robust construction of these switches makes them suitable for use in demanding applications.

1NO Contact Type

Featuring 1 normally open (NO) contact type, our Micro Travel push button switches provide versatile functionality for a wide range of applications. Whether it’s activating a circuit or controlling a function, these switches offer reliable performance.

Pin Terminal Contact

The pin terminal contact design ensures secure and stable connections, minimizing the risk of electrical faults or interruptions. This ensures dependable operation of the Micro Travel push button switches in critical electronic devices.

Momentary Switch Action

With a momentary switch action, our Micro Travel push button switches provide temporary activation, making them ideal for applications where precise control is required. Whether it’s triggering a function or initiating a process, these switches offer precise and reliable operation.

In conclusion, our Micro Travel push button switches offer compact size, high-quality construction, versatile functionality, and precise control for various electronic devices and equipment. With their 12mm mounting hole, 50mA/12V rating, stainless steel shell material, 1NO contact type, pin terminal contact, and momentary switch action, these switches are the perfect choice for your compact electronic applications.


Basic parameterModel:HBDGQ12SF-10W/J/S
 Mounting hole:12MM
 Head type:Flat head
 Shell material:Stainless steel
 Case colour:Silver
Ambient conditionIP front protection:IP67
 Operating temperature:-25℃-+65℃
Electrical characteristicsContact type:1NO
 Rated voltage:50mA/12V
 Electrical life:80,000 cycles of operation
Mechanical characteristicsOperation type:Momentary
 Terminal type:Plug in terminal
 Terminal material:Silver plated brass
 Tightening torque:Fixing nut 0.4 Nm
LED optionsIlluminated color options:Red,Green,Blue
 Illuminated voltage options:6V,12V

Application :

This 12mm micro Travel push button switches product is widely used in coffee machines, filters, computer cases, car trunks and other industries.

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