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coffee logo custom buttons SS black plated light switches 22mm 10amp ip67 ring illuminated product

IP67 waterproof level

1NO1NC/SPDTswitch contacts

Custom logo header symbol

RGB Tri-color LED lamp beads

10amp high current push button

Stainless steel electroplated black housing

T19 switch connector is more convenient to use

Product Overview:

Custom Buttons 22mm offer versatile control solutions with their stainless steel black plated construction and customizable concave head ring LED featuring a unique coffee logo. These buttons find widespread applications in outdoor control systems, information kiosks, security equipment, medical devices, food processing machinery, forklifts, military equipment, and industrial machinery. Beyond their sleek design and robust build, understanding the nuances of instant and latching functionalities adds depth to their versatility.

Momentary Functionality:

Custom Buttons 22mm equipped with instant functionality, also known as momentary switches, provide precise and temporary control. When pressure is applied to the button, the circuit is activated, allowing immediate action. This instantaneous response is crucial in applications where quick, temporary control is needed, such as emergency stop buttons or push-to-talk communication devices. The momentary nature of these switches ensures energy efficiency and prevents accidental activations.

Latching Functionality:

In contrast, Custom Buttons 22mm featuring latching functionality offer a toggle-like operation, maintaining their state even after pressure is released. Once pressed, these switches toggle between on and off states, requiring a separate action to change their status. This makes them ideal for applications where a specific state needs to be maintained until intentionally altered, such as power on/off switches or mode selection buttons. The tactile feedback provided by latching switches enhances user experience and ensures reliable control.

By integrating instant and latching functionalities, Custom Buttons 22mm cater to a wide range of control requirements in diverse environments. Whether instantaneously activating critical functions or toggling between modes, these buttons provide customizable solutions to enhance control and efficiency across various applications.


Basic parameterModel:HBDS1-D22C-11EC(Z)/J/S/T/T19(coffee logo)
 Mounting hole:22MM
 Head type:Concave head ring LED
 Shell material:Stainless steel
 Case colour:Black
Ambient conditionIP front protection:IP67
 Operating temperature:-25℃-+80℃
Electrical characteristicsContact type:1NO1NC
 Rated voltage:10A/250V
Mechanical characteristicsOperation type:Momentary,Latching
 Terminal type:Plug in terminal
 Terminal material:Silver plated brass
 Tightening torque:Fixing nut 0.6 Nm
LED optionsIlluminated color options:Red,Green,Blue
 Illuminated voltage options:6-48V,220V
 LED life:50,000 hours

Application :

This custom buttons 22mm product is widely used in outdoor control, information kiosk, security equipment, medical equipment, food processing equipment, forklift, military equipment, industrial machinery.,etc

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